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Hockey is the best sport it is way more physical then soccer you have to be tough to be a hockey player soccer you do not one little touch and your DONE.

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Q: Which sport is better ice hockey or soccer?
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What sport is more popular soccer or ice hockey or football?


National sport of switzeralnd?

Football (Soccer)Ice-Hockey

What is Sweden's favorite sport?

Sweden's favorite sport(s) are soccer, floorball, tennis, and ice hockey.

What is the most popular sport in Latvia?

the most watched sports are ice hockey and soccer

What sport is compared with soccer?

No specific sport is compared to it on a regular basis. It has similarities with many sports, like handball, rink hockey, ice hockey, etc.

How wide is the goal?

The answer depends on the sport. An ice hockey goal, for example, is not as wide as a soccer goal.

Ice hockey is the national sport of what country?

Ice Hockey is the national sport of Canada.

What is more popular in America ice hockey or soccer?

Ice Hockey

What is the most popular sport in Sweden?

Floorball, soccer, tennis and ice hockey are pretty popular in Sweden.

What is Canada's favorite sport?

Canada'snational summer sport is lacrosse and its winter sport is hockey.if you mean themost played sport in Canada it is soccer, its awesome its fun and its energenic, hockey too, especially ice- hockey

Is ice hockey a sport?


What is better field hockey or ice hockey?

Field hockey is better, it is a very old sport that takes back a long way, Ice hockey was a re-make by the Canadians made for a suitable way for colder seasons.

Is soccer norway's famous sport?

soccer is everyones most famous sport other than... usa which is football basketball or baseball canada which is hockey and antarctica which is ice skating

Is there such a sport called ice hockey?

Ice Hockey is Hockey played on ice; as compared to Field Hockey which is played on grass.

What sport does Justin biber like?

Justin Bieber likes/loves playing basketball, ice hockey, soccer..

Is Ice Hockey really hard?

Ice hockey is a very rough sport.

Which sport wears more equipment ice hockey or football?

ice hockey

Why is Ice Hockey the Canadian national sport?

All canadians voted for ice hockey to be the canadian national sport

Which is the fastest sport on ice?


Is ice hockey an Ontario national sport?

no. ontario does not have a natinal sport. hockey is the national sport of canada

Is field hockey is a winter olympic sport?

Ice Hockey

When was ice hockey an olympic sport?

Ice hockey debuted at the 1920 Games in Antwerp.

Is hockey a field sport?

Field hockey is a field sport, but both indoor and ice hockey are rink sports.

Is indoor hockey an Olympic sport?

No, only ice hockey and field hockey are.

What is the favorite sport in Russia?

The most popular or favorite sport in the country of Russia is hockey. Other popular sports include soccer, ice skating, and tennis.