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It's all a matter of opinion.

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Q: Is hockey or soccer a better sport?
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Which sport is better ice hockey or soccer?

Hockey is the best sport it is way more physical then soccer you have to be tough to be a hockey player soccer you do not one little touch and your DONE.

What is the older sport hockey or soccer?


What sport is harder hockey or soccer?


What sport is better hockey or soccer?

Hockey, by far...... Personal Opinion only. you are very right hockey players are much tougher

Soccer is better then hockey?

Hockey is a brutal sport, but all sports are in some way. But there is no fact on what is better than what. It's just your opinion.

What is better soccer or hockey?


What is better hockey or soccer?


What sport uses a goalkeeper?

Soccer, hockey,

What is a sport news?

soccer, softball, and hockey

What sport is more popular soccer or ice hockey or football?


What is a better sport Soccer or hockey?

soccer is soooooo much more better then hockey because you don't get hit by a skate. but hockey is also a great in many ways. also hockey and soccer will be the top players are so much more tougher and are not lazy, And also soccer is played around the world and you dont use alot of equipment like in hockey, and also soccer was invented first and you could play it easier and its fummer if your good and have speed SOO YEAH SOCCER IS THE BEST SPORT

What sport is better softball or hockey?


What is a popular new sport?

soccer, softball, and hockey

What sport did Australia make?

soccer hockey and waterpolo

Which sport has better athletes hockey or basketball?


Which sport is better soccer or basketball?

They are both good. But they are not the best sport, that title belongs to Kitty Hockey. Go to for more info.

What sport is better track or soccer?


Which winter sport has an ''Offside'' rule?

hockey, indoor soccer

National sport of switzeralnd?

Football (Soccer)Ice-Hockey

What sport do netherland people do?

They play a lot of soccer and hockey.

Does Taylor Swift like soccer?

Taylor, is not much of a sport person. Her favorite sport is hockey, but she did play soccer when she was a kid.

Is hockey Norways popular sport?

It is somwhat popular, but soccer is the most popular sport in Norway.

Do people like soccer more than field hockey?

i heard that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and field hockey the second,

What is the most popular sport you Sweden?

Definitely soccer, but otherwise, hockey.

What sport would you need the skill of agility in?

Soccer, Hockey, Tennis