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It's all a matter of opinion, truly.

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Q: Which sport is better football or soccer why?
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Which sport has the better foot work soccer or football?


What sport is better American football or American soccer?

American soccer aka Associative Football

Whats better soccer or football?

Soccer definately. It's my favorite sport!!

Which sport is better soccer or football?

soccer cause it can keep you healthy it is not too big of a challenge and football came from soccer ---- what he said.

Is football the most played sport in the world?

no it is soccer. 1002million people play soccer AND soccer is better!

Why are sports team are named after birds-in football?

because football is better than than stupid soccer sport soccer is for losers

What sport is funner football or soccer?


What is a soccer sport?

It is football IN

National sport of nigeria?

the national sport of nigiria is soccer or what they call football the national sport of nigiria is soccer or what they call football

What is the national sport of Argentina?

Football(soccer) PATO. It's played on horses, like Polo. We are better known for our football players but it is not our National Sport.

Which sport is more popular football or soccer?


What sport was invented first soccer or football?


Is football a better sport than soccer?

no because soccer is more fun and more excercise and it takes more skill to play soccer. football is all about brute strength.

Is soccer a real sport?

Yes, Soccer is a real sport why wouldn't it be, that is like saying that Football is not a real sport. Soccer has always been and always will be a sport. Soccer and Football are similar sports where there are lots of running after a ball involved. They are both listed as a Sport. Yes association football, or soccer, is a sport. it is the most popular sport in the world!

What is Sudan's sport?


What is intensity in sport?

Football or Soccer

What is Switzerland sport?

soccer Football

What is football or soccer war?

This question isn't very clear. It could either mean, fans of American Football vs fans of Soccer arguing over which sport is better or Europeans vs Americans on what the sport of soccer/football should be called. Europeans of course saying it is called football and Americans saying it is called soccer. To answer the first soccer is better than American football it is a much more popular sport, sorry America. To answer the second anybody who engages in a 'its called this not this' argument is an idiot

What is the popular sport in Myanmar?

The most popular sport in Myanmar is "football (soccer)".

What is Germany's favorite sport?

Football (soccer).Soccer is Germany's favorite sport or pastime.

Is football better then baseball?

Depends on your point of view also it depends on what sport is " Football " because in some countries football is named " Soccer "

What is the national sport in Jordan?

football is the national sport. Football is another popular sport their. By football I think it is meaning soccer.

Are football and soccer the same sport?

Yes and no In England and other other countries they call Soccer Football. In the US and lots other coutries Soccer IS just Soccer and Football is the NFL type of sport

Which is better football or soccer?


What is the favorite sport in Ecuador?

Their favorite sport is football. (soccer)