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Q: Which sport has the better foot work soccer or football?
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How do you say soccer and football in french?

soccer: foot

What sport is foot work contact?


What does soccer do?

Soccer is a sport that improves your stamina and foot-eye coordination.

How did soccer become a pro sport?

publicity, money, the fact its fun, interesting and gthe fact its called football instead of ricking soccer its a british sport, shouldn't you start calling it the same name as thwe people who invented it, and isn't football a more logical name for where you kick a ball with your foot, what does American 'football' have to do with football anyway, shoudlnt we be calling that soccer instead of American football?

How can you punt kick in football soccer?

with foot

Most played Sport in UK?

Soccer "foot ball"

What does b stand for in football?

"Football" is not an acronym. It's a combination of the words "foot" and "ball" and actually refers more to the sports of association football (soccer) where the foot makes much more contact with the ball, but in the USA, the name stuck with the sport known around the world as gridiron football.

Why is football called soccer in Poland?

because it is a sport you play with a ball but use your feet so instead they call soccer foot ball because you obviously use your feet to kick the ball.

What does soccer stand for?

Soccer is a nickname for association football. The british have many nicknames for their sports, as do other countries. For football they would often say "asoc" or "soccer" which were shot for association. Football is the official name and simply refers to playing a sport with your foot and a ball. Some others sports have tried to take the football name. Australian rules football, American football, rugby football, Gaelic football. But few can be called real football as they don't use their feet to play the sport. Only association football, the world most popular sport, can call itself football in any reals ense of the word.

How did the name soccer came to life?

the name "soccer" is not the real name it is football. Football is because you use your foot. duhhhh!

Which sport do you get hurt in more soccer or football?

Soccer, there is no protective gear other than shin guards, and a lot of players hit the goal frame with their heads or at high speed. It's also a common occurrence to raise your foot in soccer, which doesn't happen in football and causes severe injuries.

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