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Konica Cup was a football or soccer cup competition first started in Japan.

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Q: Which sport is awarded the konica cup?
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Which sport is awarded the Canada's Cup?

The Canada's Cup is awarded to the winner of a sailingmatch race.

In which sport is the America's Cup awarded?

The America's Cup is awarded to the winner of the match races between two yachts in the sport of sailing. One yacht is the America's Cup defending champion and the other is the challenger.

Which sport is awarded the starkey cup awarded in?

There are multiple sports in existence which have awarded a cup with this name. The most notable are golf, soccer and dancing troupe.

What Thomas cup is awarded in what sport?

The Thomas Cup is awarded for Badminton, and is also known as the World Team Championships.

Which sport is associated with the Subroto cup?

Football. The Subroto Cup is awarded to the winner of the Subroto Cup Football Tournament, an interscholastic tournament in India.

Is rugby a world cup sport?

No but there is the millennium trophy, a trophy awarded to the winner of Ireland and England during the 6 nations.

Is the Davis cup awarded in tennis or polop awarded in?

Awarded in polop in the Davis Cup Award, and in tennis is awarded in the international matches award for the winner. Or so is how it seems to me to be awarded.

When was Konica created?

Konica was created in 1873.

Which cup is awarded to American hockey league champion?

The Stanley cup is awarded to the winner in American Hockey.

What is the population of Konica Minolta?

The population of Konica Minolta is 38,310.

When was Konica Minolta created?

Konica Minolta was created in 1873.

When was Konica Hexar created?

Konica Hexar was created in 1993.