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Q: Which sport has this rule Play the ball as it lies?
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What is the rule if the ball moves when in your down swing and you carry on and hit the golf ball?

nothing you play the ball from where it lies from where you hit it

In golf if a ball lands in front of another ball does the opponent get to hit the ball again so the other person doesn't knock the ball?

Yes and No. This is covered by Rule 22-2 Ball Interfering with Play of the Rules of Golf. Except when a ball is in motion, if a player considers that another ball might interfere with his play, he may have it lifted. A ball lifted under this Rule must be replaced (see Rule 20-3). The ball must not be cleaned unless it lies on the putting green (see Rule 21). In stroke play, a player required to lift his ball may play first rather than lift the ball.

What is the rule if you hit a cartpath sign in the fairway?

If your ball lands on the fairway or in bounds, there is no penalty for hitting a cartpath or any other sign. You have to play the ball where it lies just like if you hit a boulder or tree.

What was one rule of the sport basketball?

One rule of basketballis that you can't run with the ball in your handds without dribbling.

Can a married person play a college sport?

Yes. There is no rule against it.

What is the footwork rule?

Footwork rule is a term used in sports that applies to the player in possession of the ball and who is limited in movement. Foot rule has a different interpretation depending on the sport.

What is the college basketball rule for a tied ball?

The play results in a jump ball. The team with the possession arrow gets the ball.

What is the rule for snapping the ball to began the play in football?

fall start

What is a blood rule?

A blood rule is a rule in sport where a visibly-bleeding player must receive medical attention before continuing to play.

What is the ruling on a golf ball stuck up a tree?

There are three options for continuing play when your ball gets stuck in a tree: play the ball as it lies; declare the ball unplayable; or take a lost ball. Most people declare the ball unplayable. Under rule 28 - If the player deems the ball unplayable, he must,under penalty of one stroke, play the ball as nearly as possible at the spot the original ball from which the original ball was last played or (2) drop a ball behind the point where the ball lay. See here:

When does a dead ball become in play in baseball?

A dead ball becomes in play when the pitcher, in possession of the ball, steps on the pitching rubber and is ready to pitch and the umpire declares "Play." See Rule 5.

Meaning of dead ball in volleyball?

A dead ball in volleyball is any ball that touches the floor or violates a rule, resulting in an end of the play.

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