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Q: Which sport has the most injuries per year hockey or football?
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What sport has the most injuries football or baseball?


What sport causes the most head injuries?

That would obviously be Football (:

What sport are played in Iceland?

Ice hockey , football and basketball

What five sports have the most injuries in Canada?

hockey,ice hockey,rugby,football,pro bull riding

What sport causes the most injuries?

Football Cheerleading Basketball Motorbike riding

What is the sport with the most injuries?

Probably football or lacrosse. That's what I would think.

What team sport requires the most players?

Rugby, Football, cricket and Hockey.

What sport breaks the most bones?

football soccer basketball hockey skiing

What sport is so dangerous besides cheerleading?

Statistics show that cheerleading is THE most dangerous sport in the US with more youth and female injuries than any other sport. Others that come close are Rugby, Ice Hockey, and Tackle Football

Which sport has the most contact hockey or football?

I believe its football just because you usually have to hit someone every play in hockey you do get hit but not as much.

Which sport has most injuries?

Interesting question... u could ask ten different people and they all would probably come up with different answers like rugby union,rugby league,american football but im gonna go with hockey for its feroicity.In no other sport is there a brawl in virtually every game! But I think that the most common one that attracts injuries the most would have to be football.

What is the most talented sport?

Football golf and baseball hockey is not that much of a telent i play it

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