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because there are more nations that play

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Q: Which sport has most registered players between rugby and hockey?
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Who has most registered players rugby or hockey?

England RFU has the most

How many rugby players are there in Japan?

There are 122,598 registered rugby union players in japan.

How many rugby union players in Canada?

There are 21,587 registered rugby union players in Canada as of January 2009 There are 21,587 registered rugby union players in Canada as of January 2009

Which country has the most registered rugby players?

England. There are about 250,000 adult male rugby union players there.

How many registered rugby players are there in 'Australia'?

In 2013, there were around 51,000 registered adult rugby players in Australia. Not all of these people actively play and this is only the adults who are registered. There are about 302,000 registered kids.

How many registered rugby players in British Columbia?

from the AGm results for 2011 there appears to be 3000 players registered

Who has the greatest number of rugby players?

as of 2011 its England with 2.5 million registered players

How many registered rugby union players in Wales?

around 13.890

Which country most rugby players world?

England have the most registered players with 2.5 million

How many registered rugby union players in South Africa are black?

Registered players 434,219 (total)147,300 (adult)165,000 (junior)

How many registered rugby league players?

ALOT, I recon you cann't say.

What team sport requires the most players?

Rugby, Football, cricket and Hockey.

What are some sports that are played between two teams of five players or more at a time?

soccer, hockey, football, lacross, rugby, baseball

Name a sport where players often get injured?

American football, hockey, boxing, rugby

How many New Zealanders play rugby union How many registered players of rugby union in New Zealand?

New Zealand has 121,928 registered players as of 2007. This figure coincidentally is the 6th biggest in the world and New Zealand has 8000 less registered players than the next most popular Japan!

How many registered welsh rugby union players?

As of August 2012.there areNumber Of Clubs:314Registered+Unregistered Players:79800

What is a rugby league players salary?

A Rugby Union players gets much more than Rugby League players. Rugby League players get between (in average) 80,000k-120,000k. The highest paid rugby league player earns 500,000k a year.

How many registered rugby players in new zealand?

"The number of rugby players in New Zealand increased 4 percent this year, the New Zealand Rugby Union said today. The total of 145,472 players registered this year with the 26 provincial unions was 5193 more than last year." TV3 News Sept 2009.

Which country has the most rugby clubs?

England have the most registered cubs with 2,549,196 players in 2099 clubs

What are the players of rugby called?

Rugby Players

How much rugby players are there in the world?

There are about 4.5 million players registered with over 18,000 teams, leagues, and unions (junior, senior, and professional).

How many people play rugby?

world wide its estimated 8 million are registered players plus a further 6 million non registered

How many registered players in rugby union?

There are over 20 million people registered world wide (to guide on this figure England as of 01-01-2012 have 2.5 million alone with the highest amount od registered players globally)

How many registered for rugby union by country?

103 unions are registered with World Rugby

Are rugby league and rugby union played with the same number of players?

No. Rugby Union = 15 players Rugby League = 13 players