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Cuju is the predecessor of modern soccer.

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Q: Which sport from ancient China is said to be the predecessor of modern soccer?
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Which sport from ancient China is said to be the predecessor of modern soccer?


Did the Minoans invent soccer?

Ancient soccer was invented in China as military exercises in the 2nd century BC. Modern soccer was invented in England in the 19th century.

Where and where did soccer stat?

Soccer, in its primitive form, started in ancient China.

Did empress Wu rule in ancient or modern China?

Ancient China

When was soccer inveted?

soccer began in ancient china where they played with human heads

Where was soccer invented made?

Soccer was made in ancient China to train soldiers

What are some famous sports from ancient china?


What sports did people in ancient China play?


Why does the modern call it ancient China?

Because ancient means old, so they call it Ancient China.

Which dynasty used the concept of Mandate of Heaven to justify taking control of their predecessor in ancient China?


What similarities do ancient China and modern China share?

they both suck

What continent was ancient china a part of?

Ancient China is mainly located where modern day China is. It was in Asia.

Where did soccer star?

Soccer originated from ancient China, slowly spreading itself throughout the world after years.

What are two similarities between ancient China and modern China?

shoutout to jackoboy

What country was soccer made in?

The origins may be in China, but modern soccer evolved in England, but mostly, Albania and italyEngland

What objects were not created in ancient China?

Modern calendar for one

What is the large ancient modern civizlation southwest of china?


What is the difference between modern theater and ancient china theater?

the modern theatre has concert seats and the ancient has pillow and comfortable seats.

What was invented first football or soccer?

Soccer, 2nd century BC, China, or in its modern form in the early 19th century.

Which country did soccer comes from?

Football games have been played worldwide and throughout history, dating back over a thousand years to ancient China. The modern football game called Soccer originated in England in the late 19th century.

What is different between ancient China and modern day China?

They are the same place but to different time frames

Did you run for governor in ancient China?

Ancient China was not a republic or a democracy. No one ran for office in the modern sense. Officials were appointed by superior authority.

Did china invent the sport soccer?

The Chinese used the sport soccer for a military practice and training about a long time ago.. the modern soccer is more like t5he English soccer

How long has soccer been around and when did it first start?

There is evidence that soccer was played in China in the second and third centuries BC. Modern soccer was established in England in 1863.

Who inventeded soccer?

The sport itself was invented in China but modern day Association Football (where the term soccer originates from) was developed in England and Scotland