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A shooting sleeve is used in Basketball. It is designed in such a way that it returns the ball to the general direction of the shooter, helping him/her practice their shots.

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Q: Which sport does a shooting sleeve help with?
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Is a shooting sleeve any good because I have a naturally cold body so would it help my shooting and if I did get one which brand would you recommend?

a shooting sleeve would help some and it would keep your elbow a bit straighter but i would also suggest some armbands

Where to buy a NBA shooting sleeve?

Discover the best and affordable Nba shooting sleeve at Jump USA.

How do you make a basketball shooting sleeve your size?

Custom made arm sleeves are available at Custom Sports Sleeves. Made for any sport! www,

What is the best shooting sleeve?

It's between the Nike pro combat padded sleeve and the Adidas techfit padded sleeve.

Where can you buy a basketball shooting sleeve in Alberta?

The U.S.

Where do you get a youth hex pad shooting sleeve?

all of it

Who invented the arm shooting sleeve?

Allen iverson

How do you make your Nike Pro Combat padded shooting sleeve tighter?

Work our like an NBA player and pump up your bicep/forearm, and then the shooting sleeve will be tighter! :-)

What brand shooting sleeve does rajon rondo wear?

Im pretty sure its either a mcdavid arm sleeve or a nike arm sleeve

Would a shooting sleeve on your arm actually help in a basketball game?

it should defintly so players can shoot better i wish i envented that

What is the thing on Kobe bryants arm called?

shooting sleeve

Who started wearing the NBA shooting sleeve?

Allen Iverson