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Ultimate frisbee

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Q: Which sport does a safety earn a team two points?
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Is dressage a team or individual sport?

Dressage can be both a team or individual sport. When you compete on an individual level the points you earn only go towards your personal score but when you compete in theOlympicsthe points you earn go to a overall score whichdeterminesthe place which the team gets.Hope this helps :-)

Does a safety earn a team two points in Ultimate Frisbee?

No, a safety does not get a team any points in Ultimate Frisbee. What happens is that the team that got the "safety" takes the point back to the edge of the goal zone and restarts play from there. If they score they get one point, and if they don't, then the opposing team gets the disc.

What does one do when participating in the foreign sport Cirit?

Cirit, also known as Jereed, is a Turkish equestrian team sport. While on horseback, a team must throw a blunt wooden javelin at the opposing team's horsemen, in which they will earn points.

How many points is a safety worth in football?

a safety is worth 2 points for the opposite team.

What happen when a team makes a basket in basketball?

They earn 2 points for their team

In football how many points is a safety worth?

Two-Points for the opposing team

Can an NFL team earn 1 point?

NoThe fewest points a football team can score is 2 on a safety (which is when a team tackles the ball carrier in their own end zone.) However, after a team scores a touchdown, they can kick a field goal for an extra point

What happens after a team gets a safety?

The team earns 2 points and the aposing team has to kick it off to them.

How many points do 8 football safties produce?

A safety is award to a team if they can sack the quarterback in the defense's touchdown and then the team is rewarded with a safety that is two points plus they get the ball back too. If you get eight football safeties, your team will then have a total of sixteen points.

What is the fewest number of points a football team can score and still win?

2 Points. A winning team could triumph by scoring a safety and no other points.

How does a team earn a free kick for points?

Free kicks don't automatically earn points. Scoring a goal could be considered 1 point, I suppose.

Does a safety take away it take away points in afootball game?

A "safety" occurs when the team on defense tackles the offensive player with the ball in his own endzone. The team making the tackle gets two points. No points are taken away from anyone. The team who gave up the safety must then kick the ball to the team who scored the safety. (A safety also occurs if the offensive player fumbles the ball out of bounds in the end zone. Same result.)

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