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Generally speaking, David Beckham for all people, soccer fans or not. Cristiano Ronaldo for all soccer fans.

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Q: Which soccer player is the most well known?
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Who is A well known soccer player from japan?

shunsuke nakamura

Who is the most valuable soccer player?

Natasha Kai. She is both very well known and she knows her sport. She is AWESOME at it and is from Hawaii.

What is Eddie Johnson well known for?

There are a few Eddie Johnson's out there, but in the US, Eddie Johnson is most well known as an American soccer player who plays for Seattle Sounders FC in the Major League Soccer and has also been a member of the US National Men's soccer team.

The best player OS soccer?

The best soccer player ever you mean?? Well, their are alot of opinions on this, most people say either Maradona or Pele (my opinion). Although their have been many other greats not so well-known, (Garrincha etc.)

Who is the most famous womans soccer player?

Well i don't knowsure

What is the most well known sport in El Salvador?

soccer or as we call it futbol

What country is most recognized or well known for its diving in soccer?

It is Argentina and Italy.

What is a important time in mia hamm s life?

When she became a pro- women's soccer player. or, perhaps when she retired and was recognized as one of the most well- known women's soccer players in the US.

Who was a soccer player?

well anyone you see playing soccer they are probably a soccer player!!!!!!!!!!

What is Kris Boyd well known for?

Kris Boyd is most well known for his career as a soccer player. He plays as a striker and had great success playing for Glasgow Rangers before moving onto numerous clubs since.

Who is the most well known player on the Misha realm in WOW?

There is not really a "most well known" player on any realm. There are the most geared folks, and the folks who know most about their class, but not any general well known people.

Who is the most well known basketball player?

There are many opinions on who is the "most well known", but most people tend to agree that Micheal Jordan is pretty well known.

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