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FC Skonto of Latvia has won the most league titles in a row with 14 from 1991 - 2005.

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Q: Which soccer club has won the most league titles in the world in a row?
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Which soccer team holds the world record for the most domestic league titles?

Glasgow Rangers Football Club 54 titles

Which soccer club has won the most English league titles in a row?


What soccer club won three consecutive league titles in the 1930s?

Arsenal, from 1933-35.

What is the European best soccer club in history?

Real Madrid with 9 Champions League Titles

What soccer club won the most league titles in the world?

Manchester United, they have won 19 as of 2011 and have beaten Liverpool's record of 18.The Italian club Ac Milan has won in total of 18 Italia seria A.

Who are the football club that have won the most domestic league titles?

Glasgow Rangers have won 52 league titles

Which club has the most league titles?

East Bengal

What is club soccer?

Club soccer is "soccer" between clubs, or as they may be known in North America, franchises. Club soccer generally takes the form of domestic leagues - for example the Premier League, Major League Soccer, the Hyundai A-League, et cetera. It differs from international "soccer" which is played between national sides - for example the World Cup, the European Championship, the CONCACAF Gold Cup, et cetera.

What football soccer club has the most titles?

Probably Real Madrid!

Which soccer team can be termed the best in history?

Real Madrid can be termed the best soccer in history. The Spanish club was won 32 La Liga titles and 10 UEFA Champion League titles. Between 2012 and 2013,it was ranked the richest football club with an annual turnover of 518.9 million euros.

What league is palermo soccer club in?

The Italian Serie A.

What is the best soccer club?

the best soccer club in the world is Real Madrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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