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Q: Which snowboard camber is best for beginners going down green or blue slopes?
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How can you get better at snowboarding without actually going?

Get a tall stool and a snowboard then put the snowboard on the stool, stand on top of snowboard and balance and twist around a little act like your really outside.

Can you check your snowboard bag with snowboard in it for a commercial flight?

yes, but for extra protection if you have an unpadded board bag you might want to wrap your snowboard in cloth or bubble wrap (a friend of mine was going on a trip and his snowboard got really messed up in the plane)

How long does it take to snowboard?

Depends on the vertical of the run and how fast your going.

How do you say I am going snowbording in French?

Je vais faire du snowboard

Where would it be possible to find reviews about the Burton Mission snowboard bindings?

It is possible for to find reviews about the Burton Mission snowboard bindings, just by going to the site called SnowBoardingsHQ. The site gives all information and detail-by-detail about snowboard bindings.

What is included in a snowboard package?

Snowboard packages vary from company to company or shop to shop. But if you are going snowboarding then the least you should expect from a package is a snowboard and bindings. But if you take the time research you can also get some new boots for a little extra cost.

What size snowboard should a girl who is 4 ft 11 in and weigh 110 lb get?

I would go to Burton store or any snowboarding shop near you, like Shred shop. I bought my first burton snowboard from my sisters friend that fit perfectly... but then it got stolen so I went to a store to go buy one... they will help you find your size and which snowboard is right for you. if its your first time then you should rent one to see if you like snowboarding. I have a V rider, its for more advanced and intense snowboarding. I got that one because I am going to become an instructor for snowboarding this year... good luck on the slopes!

How do you know what size snowboard to get a youth?

The best way to find out the size of a snowboard to get a youth would be to contact a professional snowboarding instructor. One can also find the size by going to the website "The House" and looking at the snowboard sizing charts and guides.

What different gears does an automatic car have?

to prevent like going up the slopes

Whats laurens last name form Camp'd Out im going to snowboard camp?

youre a creeper

What are lines with equal slopes called?

Lines with equal slopes are parallel, because they are going the same direction. If the slope and the intercept are the same, the lines are coinciding, because they are on top of each other.

Can you get your beginners permit reprinted without your parent being there in South Carolina?

Yes, just tell your parents you're going to go to South Carolina to get a beginners permit for a friend reprinted.