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Q: Which school has the most acc championships in all sports?
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School that won the most ACC championships in mens basketball?

UNC and Duke tie for 17

Most football national championships acc or sec?


What conference makes the most money from sports?

The ACC?

Which team has won the most acc mens basketball titles?

duke has 27 acc mens basketballs championships while UNC has 18

How many ACC championships does Duke have?

Assuming you mean football..FSU has won/shared 12 ACC championships.

What type of college you would attend to become a soccer player?

any school in the far the best conference for soccer and most sports in general

How many acc championships does Carolina gamecocks have?


How many Clemson ACC mens' basketball tournament championships?

Clemson has one ACC tournament title.

What is the northern most ACC School?

Boston College

What ACC team has most NCAA championships in all sports in the last 10 years?

i think its Miami or Florida State this is just a guess on how good the teams have been in the last 10 years so srry if im wrong

How many mens basketball champions has the ACC won?

11 total North Carolina 5 Duke 3 North Carolina state 2 Maryland 1

How many ACC Titles have Duke won?

North Carolina leads with 25 ACC Tournament Championships and 34 regular season titles. Duke has 23 ACC Tournament Championships and 22 regular season titles. Duke has won 19 ACC Men's titles, UNC has won 17. UNC has 9 Women's titles, Duke 8. Total titles: Duke 27, UNC, 26.