Which rugby team play in pink?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Teams usually play in pink to support cancer charities like the Cardiff Blues and Newcastle Falcons who both gave money from the sales of the shirts to cancer charities although french side Stade Francais have worn pink shirts but not for cancer reaserch.

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Q: Which rugby team play in pink?
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Which french rugby team wears pink?

The Stade Français. Pink is the away colour for the team. The idea of wearing pink comes from the president Max Guazzini in order to popularise Rugby with women.

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Rugby League has 13 players on each team. Rugby Union has 15 players on each team. There is a recognised game of seven-a-side in Rugby Union.

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The Wallabies are the Australian Rugby Union team. The Australian Rugby League team is called the Kangaroos.

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