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He never played. But was coach at London Irish and Connacht,

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Q: Which rugby club did george hook play for?
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Did george hook play rugby for Ireland?

He never played international rugby

Did George hook play rugby for Munster?

No. He was a coach for the American eagles and than Old belvedere. He was lousy

Where do you play touch rugby in Uganda?

Kyadondo Rugby Club or Kampala Rugby Club

When ca you play rugby leag?

you can play rugby league for a club at five years to whatever

First rugby union club to play a game of rugby?

Packwood Haugh

How many schools play rugby in England?

I don't know personally, but my school plays tag rugby and we have a rugby club, where we play touch rugby and some full contact.

How do you play rugby as a beginner?

Just join your local club. They will teach you how to play.

Where can you play rugby in Newfoundland?

Dogs Rugby Club behind the schools on Ruth avenue in mount pearl

Which rugby union club did david campese play for?

the wallabies

What rugby club did Adrian durston play for?

Bridgend RFC

Which rugby club did Sonny Bill Williams play for?


What is a rugby league contract?

Contract is an agreement amongst an club signing an player to play for the club.

What is the fee to play rugby?

Depends on country,club,grade and age

What rugby club does johnny wilkson play for?

Toulon RC in France

When were the Canberra Raiders founded?

The Canberra Raiders were founded on March 30, 1981. The Raiders are a well known Rugby club from Australia and currently play in the Rugby League Club.

Who did George Ballantyne play rugby for?


Where do Roskill District Rugby Football Club Play their matches?

Roskill Districts RFC is an Auckland rugby union club based at Fearon Park (Akarana Avenue in Mt Roskill).

Do kids play rugby union or rugby league?

They play both. Its dependant on the location and the type of club in their locality but both codes run excellent mini and youth programme

When was St Helens RLFC formed?

St Helens Rugby Football Club are a professional rugby league club from St Helens who play in the Super League. They were formed on the 19th of November 1873.

Does Manchester United play rugby or soccer?

Manchester United are a football club in england. they play at Old Trafford.

Did Bill Clinton play sports in college?

Bill Clinton did play a sport in college. Bill Clinton played rugby when he attended Oxford. Bill Clinton also played rugby for the Little Rock Rugby club, located in Arkansas.

What overseas rugby team did Dan Carter play for?

French club side Perpignan

How does one play the sport bath rugby?

Someone playing bath rugby plays rugby for the town of Bath in the United Kingdom. Rugby is a very popular sport in the United Kingdom and Europe. The club was founded in 1865.

Where do you play rugby?

Normally on a rugby pitch. The main access to the sport is to join a rugby club in either code. The game is now internationally viewed and has a huge and continually growing participation level.

What sport does the Worcester Warriors team play?

The Worcester Warriors are an English rugby union club.

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