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Q: Which receiver has the most career touchdowns in NFL history?
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Which receiver has the most touchdowns in Dallas Cowboys history?

Bob Hayes (1965-1974) holds the career team record for a wide receiver with 71 touchdowns.

Who has most touchdowns in NFL history all time?

Jerry Rice 208 career touchdowns.

Who is the football player is in the hall of fame for the most Receptions most Career Yards Gained and most career touchdowns and is the greatest receiver?

Jerry Rice

What receiver has had the most touchdowns?

Jerry Rice, who is the all-time NFL leader in touchdowns scored with 208, had 197 career receiving TDs.

Most career touchdowns in college football history?

Ricky Williams, Texas

Most career touchdowns quarterback to receiver?

Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison had over 90 in their career together. Steve Young and Jerry Rice are second.

What NFL defensive player has most career touchdowns?

Rod Woodson with 13 career touchdowns.

Which NFL quarterback has the second most career touchdowns?

Dan Marino holds the record for second most career touchdowns with 418

What wide receiver scored the most touchdowns?

Jerry Rice holds the NFL record for career touchdowns by a wide receiver with 208. He caught 197 TD passes, scored 10 TDs on rushing plays, and scored 1 TD on a fumble return.

Which quarterback has the most touchdowns?

Tom Brady has the most single season touchdowns, with 50. Brett Favre has the most career touchdowns, with 457.

Who has the most touchdowns in their career?

Hines ward

Who has the most touchdowns in Dallas Cowboys history?

Emmitt Smith scored 164 TDs during his career with the Cowboys.

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