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Q: Which practice day is it recommended having players practice in full pads?
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What is the purpose of the NFL practice squad?

The practice squad consists of players that the team really likes but doesn't think are ready to play full time. These practice squad players are usually young, rookies and second year. Sometimes, should an injury occur to one of the regular players a player from the practice squad will be promoted to the regular squad to replace him.

Do NHL teams practice during the off season?

No they do not practice as a full team, but training camps are held for the new draft picks and new players.

Do NFL players on the Physically Unable to Perform list get paid a full salary?

Yes. The PUP list is similar to MLB's 60 day disabled list. Players receive full salary but are not allowed to play or practice. They may attend team meetings.

What does a basketball coach say when his players are not doing well?

It depends on the coach.. usually the coach is just yelling about plays, saying what certain players messed up, and threatening for the next practice to be full of running

Do you have to go to college to become a professional baseball player?

No, major league players come from all ranks, high school, community college and full colleges. In the past, some major league players were still in high school, or dropped out of school and played. Not recommended.

Why are NFL players placed on practice squads?

because the 53 nlf man roster has been full of proven talent, the untalented or bubble players get waived, than if they ain't claim by an other team, and have PS options than they are aloud to be to assigned to a PS.

What will be the effect of having a car DVD Player on my car battery?

DVD players will only drain your battery if left on for long periods of time, such as for a full movie.

What sport is known for having the most primadonna type players?

In my opinion, basketball holds the most primadonna players. I play tennis and I play basketball. From what i experienced, basketball is full of young men that think they are pros. They are not. I do not enjoy watching basketball with players that shoot every time they touch the ball.

Is a soccer players job typically full-time part-time seasonal or contract?

Full-time. They practice, and play different tournaments through out the year. They also have about 2 months of vacation, usually during the winter. the job is typically a full time contract to the respective club.

What is an active football roster?

The active roster is the list of 47 players who are activated for game play. The full team roster included 53 man roster and the 6 man practice squad.

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What do Muslims practice?

Muslims practice Islam which is full submission to Allah.

Is full synthetic oil recommended for 2007 dodge ram 1500?

No, it is not recommended. It is allowed though.

Detroit Tigers has how many players on the team?

Full roster is 40 players

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When do Yankees begin practice in Tampa?

Yankees Pitchers & Catchers report on February 17, first workout is scheduled for the 18th. Position players report on Febuary 22, and the first full workout on the 23rd.

How do you make full body paint ball armor?

You would have to spend money getting paintball and other sports pads. Also you would be a very slow moving, large target. Paintball armor is not recommended for any players.

How many numbers of players in a basketball team?

You need at least 12 players on a team. A full roster is 15 players

How many players on a woman's lacrosse team?

There are twelve players on a full team. You can have less if you want, but 12 make up the full team, this includes the goalie.

How many players are needed in playing basketball?

In the NBA there are 12 players on the team without reserves. The full team has 15 (a full team and 3 reserves).

What do polo players wear?

The men waterpolo players wear a speedo and woman waterpolo players wear a full body costume .

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