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power forward

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Q: Which position in basketball most resembles the sweeper in soccer?
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What is a pointguard in soccer?

Pointguard is not a soccer position. This position exists in basketball, however.

What players position in Soccer is similar to guards in Basketball?

The soccer equivalent to Basketball Guards would be a Forward or a Striker.

What does the sweaper position in soccer do?

It is called a sweeper. They play behind the defense. They are the last line of defense.

What are position in soccer is similar in basketball?


Which is a better soccer position left mid or sweeper?

It is according to the position you are better at, or which the coach might believe is better for you and the team, and offcourse what you like.

What is a sweeper in soccer?

a sweeper is a position right behind the defence so if the soccer ball goes behind the defence the sweeper can go pass it right back up A sweeper is a kind of defense. Its the last line of defense (besides the keeper of course) and the one who tells the defense to push up or come back. He or she sends everyone up and if they get passed them he or she have to make sure they dont get close to the goal.

Does the sweeper stay in one spot on the field you soccer?

A sweeper plays in and behind the defence back line.

How do you become a soccer sweeper?

It is all up to your coach.

What is the difference between a wing and a sweeper in soccer?

Wing : position on the right or left side. a common tactic is to cross the ball to a central team-mate Sweeper: type of centre back who "sweeps up" the ball. compare to full back. this position is more free and sometime build the counter attack move.

Is the sweeper in soccer the captain too?

The captain is selected by the manager, they can be the player in any position. The captain is usually a defender so he can organise the team at the back and then focus on moving forward.

What position did Daniel Passarella play?

The football, or soccer, player Daniel Passarella played was centre back and sweeper. Daniel Parrasella was the first Argentine player to hold the World Cup.

What is the descripition of soccer?

Okay. There are three general positions in soccer: goalie, defense, and offense. Sometimes, there are extra positions: sweeper and midfield. The goalie is the only person who can use their hands. They stop the ball from going into their team's goal. Defense defends the goal. They are the closest position to the goalie. A couple feet up is the sweeper. Next comes the midfield. And finally, the offense. The goal is to get the soccer ball into the other team's goal using only you're feet.

When was the soccer ball replaced with the basketball in basketball?

the soccer ball was never used

Five position a player have on a soccer field?

Some positions are defender, goalkeeper, sweeper (which goes behind the defenders), midfielders, strikers or forwards, and stoppers (which goes in front of the defenders but behind the midfielders).

Are there positions that are the same as soccer?

The soccer positions are forward, mid field, wing, goal keeper, sweeper, bench and back.

What is a sweeper on a soccer team?

its a player that stand in the mittle between the golie and the defensment

What are the positions in a game of soccer?

the positions in soccer are: 3 forwards, 3 Midfields,3 defence, a sweeper(behind the defence), and the goalie

Is soccer better than basketball?

It depends what you think if you think soccer is better then pick soccer but if you think basketball is better then pick basketball. I a rep soccer player so I like soccer because I can score goals and go to tournaments.

What is your favorite sport Soccer Volleyball Basketball Baseball or Laccrosse?


Is basketball better than soccer?

It depends what you think if you think soccer is better then pick soccer but if you think basketball is better then pick basketball. I a rep soccer player so I like soccer because I can score goals and go to tournaments.

Is a soccer sweeper as important as a striker?

Every member of a team is just as important as the others.

Which player is called the mid fielder in soccer?

i think it is called safety or midfielder or sweeper

Is soccer similar to Basketball?

No because soccer yo can't use your hands and in basketball you have to use your hands.

Which has more injuries basketball or soccer?

Soccer players get injured much more than basketball players.

Why does basketball players make more money that soccer player if soccer is the most view sport in the world?

That is true in a way. In the US basketball is more popular than soccer. That is why basketball players are paid more. In other countries, soccer is more popular so soccer players get paid more. Soccer in the US is becoming increasingly popular. Soon soccer players could be paid as much as basketball players.