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Soccer was known and played before Basketball. At first the game was said to involve elements of American Football, Soccer and Hockey but these were just a means to describing the new game to outsiders, so Soccer ball was used until the first Basketball was manufactured in 1894.

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Q: Why soccer ball was the first ball used to play basketball?
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What was the first ball used in basketball?

A soccer ball, according to A soccer ball was used to play the first basketball game.

What was used to play basketball?

a brown soccer ball

What did people use before the basketball to play basketball?

they used a soccer ball

What is a larger sport soccer or basketball?

Basket Ball Because Many People watch soccer but more play Basketball.

What sport is basketball?

its a game you play with a soccer ball in my health class......

How is soccer and basketball different?

its somewhat the same. Except in basketball we play on a court(wood, cement) and in soccer we play on field(mostly grass) and the major difference is in basketball we dribble(with hand) and in soccer we play with the foot. And of course the fouls are different.Hope that helped.

How do you kick a soccer ball 5 yards?

there is no way you just have to have a strong foot like me i play soccer i can kick a ball across a basketball court in the air with little effort

Most play sport in US?

First is basketball, then football and baseball.

What is Michael Jordans favourite things to do?

i think hes a soccer fan and he also speaks Italian

Why we cann't play soccer by using a basketball?

Soccer balls are lighter. The texture and hardness of a basketball would slow down the game--your kicks would not be as successful. As far as heading the ball, that would be painful.

Can you play ball with a popcorn ball?

if it is something simple like catch, yes. But if you are playing basketball or soccer then it will probably fall apart lol XD

What first basketball used to play basketball was a?

It was a heavy ball, Kinda like our today "Bowling Ball" It was slighty lighter to allow the ball to enter the hoop.