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Mantle wore #7, DiMaggio wore #5.

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Q: Which players wore the number five for the New York Yankees before Mickey Mantle?
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What caused trade talks between the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians regarding baseball star Mickey Mantle?

In 1956, Mickey Mantle had won the American League MVP award. With the new year upon them, in 1957, before the season began there was a dispute between Mantle and the Yankees over his new salary. According to Mickey Mantle's autobiography, Mantle said it was possible he was going to be traded to Cleveland.

Who wore number 3 and 7 before Mickey Mantle?

Mickey Mantle never wore #3. There were several Yankees players who wore #7 prior to Mantle. They included, Leo Durocher, Ben Chapman, Jack Saltzgaver, Tony Lazzeri, Jake Powell, Tommy Henrich, Roy Cullenbine, Billy Johnson, Oscar Grimes, Booby Brown, Aaron Robinson, Chuck Dressen, Cliff Mapes and Bob Cerv.

Who played center field before Mickey Mantle?

Joe DiMaggio

What is a Mickey Hank Aaron card?

Never heard this expression before but my guess would be a card showing the NY Yankees' Mickey Mantle w/ the Milwaukee Braves' Hank Aaron, for example, on a card showing the two 1957 MVPs.

Who wore number 7 prior to mickey mantle?

Bill Cerv wore #7 in 1951 before Mantle did.

What team did mickey mantle play with before Yankees?

Mickey Mantle was an all-around athlete at Commerce High School, playing basketball, football, and baseball. In 1948 playing semi-pro Ball as a shortstop in Baxter Springs(KS) Whiz Kids. Yankees' scout Tom Greenwade came to Baxter Springs to watch Mickey's teammate, third baseman Billy Johnson. During the game Mickey Mantle hit two homers, one right handed, and one left handed into a river well past the ballpark's fences. Greenwade wanted to sign Mickey on the spot but, upon finding out that he was only sixteen and still in high school, told him he would come back to sign him with the Yankees on his graduation day in 1949. Good to his word, Greenwade was there right on schedule, signing Mickey Mantle to a minor league contract with the Yankees Class D team in Independence, and he also played with the Yankee's farm club, the Joplin Miners April 17, 1951 the 19 year old Mickey Mantle broke into the big leagues with the New York Yankees wearing uniform number 6. After a bad start Mickey was sent down to the minors (The Kansas City Blues) He told his dad he was going to quit, and his father told him to pack his bags to come home. After a second thought to try again Mickey was then called up again to the Yankees, and was then issued number 7 for good.

Did Mickey Mantle have any superstitions?

He alwas ate a pb and j sandwich before the games

Did mickey mantle do any great deeds?

Mickey Mantle FoundationAfter years of alcohol abuse Mickey Mantle was diagnosed with liver cancer in 1994. In June of 1995 Mickey received a liver transplant. At a press conference Mickey noted that many fans had looked to him as a role model; "This is a role model: Don't be like me". Before he died in August 1995 at the age of 63 of liver cancer He established the Mickey Mantle Foundation to raise awareness for organ donations. He was very proud of this.

Did Mickey Mantle have any kids?

Mickey and Merlyn Mantle had 4 sons... 2 of which died before Mickey, as well as 4 grand children... Mickey Jr - 1953 - 2000 David - 1955 - Billy - 1957 - 1994 Danny - 1960 - Mickey's wife Merlyn passed away on August 10, 2009.

When was Mickey Mantle on the KC Blues?

1951 season. He played in 40 games with the Blues after being sent down by the Yankees. He had a batting average of .361 with 11 home runs with them before being called back up.

Why did Mickey Mantel die?

Mickey Mantle died of cancer according to my sources, although he did receive an emergency liver transplant shortly before his death.

How many Upper Deck baseballs did Mickey Mantle sign?

Mickey Mantle Upper Deck BaseballsI don't believe the information on how many baseballs he signed for Upper Deck is available but, a Mickey Mantle single signed baseball typically sells for about $400-$600. Mickey Mantle was under contract with the Upper-Deck company before he passed away, and baseballs that have the Upper-Deck hologram could sell in the $1,000-$1,500 price range.

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