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Q: Which players have won fifa world cup euro and uefa champions league?
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What player has won the world cup champions league euro champions league and English premiership?

Claude Makalele

What is the biggest cup in football?

The World Cup for the whole World Competing The Euro Championship for Europe The Champions League for the winners of euro home leagues

What 2 players have a Premiership title medal a FA cup medal a Champions league medal and a euro medal at international level?

Schmeichel, Anelka

Who is the only player to win Premiership FA cup Carling Cup Champions League World Cup and Euro?


Which is more prestige the euro cup or the champions league cup?

The Champions League original name was the Europeon Cup so they're the same thing.

What is the average salary of champions league referee?

5000 euro ...90% sure

What Greek team won a champions league?

Greece won the Euro 2004.

What medals and cups has thierry Henry won?

world cup, euro 2012, champions league, la liga, premier league, fa cup, community shield

What competitions has David Beckham entered?

the following: world cup euro championships champions league fa.cup carling cup Premuire League La liga Copa Del rey MLS Champions ship by Sam Dallow

Which current prem player has won world cup euro championships champions league premiership and fa cup?

anelka, gallas or makelele

Why do some countries have more slots than others in the euro champions league?

It all depends on how successful the country's clubs have been in the Champions League and Uefa Cup in the past. The more successful they are, the more slots they get in the Champions League/Uefa Cup.

In football who has won the following medals in his career world cup euro championship champions league premier league fa cup league cup?

I know Nicolas Anelka has. I'm sure someone else will have done it.

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