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1. Carlos Tevez

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Q: Which players have won copa libertadores and European cupchampions league?
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Name 5 football players who have not won the European cupchampions league but have played for at least 4 clubs who have won it?

Brazillian Ronaldo is one of them.

Which British city has had 2 teams in European CupChampions League in same year?

London is one (Arsenal and Chelsea); Glasgow another (Rangers and Celtic).

Do European basketball league players pay taxes on their salaries?


Player who wons the champions league and the copa libertadores?

The player is the Argentinean striker Carlos Tevez.

What current premier league football players have won the double and the champions league and the European champions?

Nicolas Anelka

What players have won a medal for premier league fa cup champions league and European cup?

It coulld be Peter SchMichael.

Which Champions League Final European Cup Final players scored goals on their birthday?

Gerrard Gerrard

What 2 players have won the European championship the fa premier league the fa cup and the champions league?

The Two players who have won all of these trophies are 1. Peter Schmiecal 2. Nicolas Anelka

What is the acronym of NHL stand for?

NHL stands for the National Hockey League. This league includes countries such as Canada and the united states. sometimes players from Sweden and other European countries come and get drafted into the NHL. The players make lots of money from playing in this league.

What is peΓ±arol?

the bigest and more succefull club in its league , Uruguay, and in america . its have 47 nacional league championship an 5 southamerican championship (LIBERTADORES) and 3 INTERCONTINENTAL coups played between the americas champion an european champion. PEÑAROL was nominated CHAMPION OF THE CENTURY in Amerca. PEÑAROL have the 60% or more than the fans of the countr y (URUGUAY)

Can you name the 2players to have won the following English premier League Fa Cup Carling Cup Champions League European Championship?

The two players to win all these honours are the two Manchester United Players Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes.

When was European Bridge League created?

European Bridge League was created in 1947.

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