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Q: Which players have played in the premiership and won the copa libertadores?
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When was Copa Libertadores created?

Copa Libertadores was created in 1960.

When was Copa Libertadores Femenina created?

Copa Libertadores Femenina was created in 2009.

Which players have won copa libertadores and European cupchampions league?

1. Carlos Tevez

When were Mexican soccer teams invitaded to copa libertadores?


Who won the 2008 copa libertadores?

Liga Deportiva De Quito (L.D.U.Q)

El America paso a copa libertadores?

pues claro que paso compas

Has a Mexican team won the copa libertadores?

no chivas de guadalajara just lost

Player who wons the champions league and the copa libertadores?

The player is the Argentinean striker Carlos Tevez.

What team in south america have the most Copa Libertadores?

Independiente of Argentina have won all 7 finals they have appeared in

Where is the Copa del Rey played?

In Spain.

Which of Mexico's 2010 World Cup players will be eligible to participate as U-23 players for the 2011 Copa America?

All the Mexican players will be allowed.

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