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Ljungberg Hartson Wright Winterburn Suker Benayoun

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Q: Which players have played Premier League Games for both Arsenal and West Ham?
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How many foreign players played for arsenal since premier league started?

one million players

Premier league players who have played for 2 of the top 4 teams?

Its Nicholas Anelka ... currently playing for Chelsea . He has played for Liverpool, Arsenal & Chelsea

Who played for both arsenal and Liverpool in the premier league?

One of the players who played for both arsenal and Liverpool is Nikolas Anelka ( also played for chelsea , West Brom ) Another Player is Yossi Bennoyoun

What premier league clubs have played in every season?

It has to be Arsenal, Gunners for Life.

Which 3 clubs has Nicolas Anelka played for in the premier league and champions league?

Liverpool chelsea arsenal

How many times have tottenham beat arsenal in premier league?

Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal have played each other thirty-six times in the Premier League. Tottenham have won six of these matches, Arsenal fourteen, and there have been sixteen draws.

Which players have played in the Premier League for Newcastle and Liverpool?

Michael Owen

Which everton players have played for Liverpool in the premier league?

Nicky Barmby

What players have won the fa premier?

The Nigerian striker Kanu has won all these cups when he played for Arsenal.

Which players have played for more than one of the top 4 premier league teams?

Michael Owen (man u Liverpoo) Mikael Silvestre (man u arsenal)

Which overseas players have scored goals for 5 different premier league clubs?

Nicolas Anelka has played and scored for Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea.

National players who have played for one of the Premier League clubs?

A total of 1,178 foreign born players have played in the Premier League, most of them Internationals with their home National Team. Far to many to list.

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