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no one

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Q: Which players has arsene wenger signed today?
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How rare is a baseball from the 1940's signed by the Yankees?

The team signed baseballs from the 1940's are not as rare as you might think. Team signed baseballs fron the 1940's in excellent plus condition might be on the rare side. The players in the day signed baseball as often or more than the player today. It was part of the job of being a ballplayer. unlike the players of today they did not get paid for it. Baseballs from the early to mid 1940's sell at a lower value than the baseballs in the later 1940's. most Major League stars were off fighting in the war.

What is the minimum age to play in the NHL?

Although in the past I believe there have been players as young as 16 years, today a players has to be 18 by a certain date ( I think it's Sept. 15 of his draft year) before he can be drafted or signed to a contract.

How do you use officially?

They officially signed the document today.

When do baseball players get paid today?


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Who are the famous people that live in California today?

singers, football players, baseballs players etc.

I hear it's over mike Vick signed an nfl contract today?

yes Vick signed with the steelers

Use the word contract as a noun in a sentence?

The contract was signed by everyone. I signed the contract at T-Mobile today.

Who is the favorite players in jai alai today?


Who are famous soccer players today?

david beckham

where can i sell a hand signed football by clinton portis, chris samuels, and d'angelo hall and a few other players today?

Check for similar items, and then offer yours for sale at similar prices on Ebay.

What is the value of a signed Babe Ruth baseball today?

Approximation: 100,987,447

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