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Luis Enrique

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Q: Which player transferred from Sporting Gijon to Real Madrid to Barcelona?
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Has a player ever played for Manchester united Barcelona and real Madrid?


Which Intermilan player played for real Madrid?

The Brazilian Renaldo played for Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona as well.

What is name of the player who was transferred from EPL to Real Madrid?

The winger Steve mcmanon joined real Madrid from Liverpool.

Which Spanish player was transferred to Liverpool in 2005 from Real Madrid?

Fernando Morientes

Which player has played in a Barcelona Madrid Mersyside north London and Manchester derby?

Nicklaus Anelka

Which soccer team is the best from Barcelona Manchester Real Madrid and Chelsea?

In my opinion...(since I'm a soccer player) 1) Barcelona 2) Real Madrid 3) Manchester (City or United) 4) Chelsea

Did Mark Hughes played in Madrid v Barcelona?

Mark Hughes is a former professional soccer player from Wales. He played for Barcelona from 1986 to 1988 and appeared in 28 matches from Barcelona side. He did play in Madrid vs Barcelona competitions during that period. He is currently the manager of Stoke City team.

Which player transferred from jueventus to real Madrid?

fabio canavaro when jueventus got relegated and zidain

Who is better at football Real Madrid or Barcelona?

it is ofcouse Barcelona because Barcelona won Madrid 2 days ago 2barce-0, the first goal scored it the best player in the world Lionel Messi,and this was in their stadium at Madrid. 2nd time Barcelona won Madrid was at middle of the season (now we are at almost the end), it was at Barcelona stadium Camp Nou we won them 2-0 also so this year we are simply better than them. Infact i don't wana lie to you, I AM A LOVER OF BARCELONA AND A GREAT FAN TOO. But too bad for them we are better.

Which team is better Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Real Madrid is way better. They have players with good quality. The only reason why Barcelona has beaten real Madrid in the past years is because all the player they have, have been playing with Barcelona their whole life(messi,xavi,iniesta,puyol, etc.) which helps them improve. Real Madrid has barely bought new players. Plus most of their players are from Spain and play in the national team. P.s Barcelona beat real Madrid 5-0 because real Madrid did not have hinguain or kaka

Which player has played fro Barcelona ac milaninter milan and real Madrid?

Ronaldo de Luis (R9)

Which player transferred from real Madrid to Bacelona?

The first name that crossed my mind was Martinez Luis Enrique.

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