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Farveez Maharoof of Sri Lanka took hat-trick against India in 2010 Asia Cup.

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Q: Which player took the hat-trick wickets in Asia cup against India?
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How many wickets has Shane Warne taken against India?

43 Wickets in 14 Test matches and 15 wickets in 18 ODI matches.

Which bowler has taken the most wickets in their first over?

4 wickets Chaminda Vaas(Sri Lanka) in ODI against Bangladesh 3 wickets Irfan Pathan(INDIA) in Test against Pakistan

How many times west indies has won the world cup?

2 Times........ 1975 & 1979....... They Came In The Finals In 1983 Also Against India....... But They Lost Their Hattrick Chance Against India.

Who is the cricketer who took first 400 test wickets?

Richard Hadlee of New Zeland was the first bowler to take 400 wickets in test matches. Richard Hadlee took his 400th wicket against India on 4th February, 1990 against India at Christchurch.

Who won the world t20 competition?

2007- India won against Pakistan by 5 runs. 2009- Pakistan won against Srilanka by 8 wickets.

Who has taken the most one day international wickets for India?

Anil Kumble - 337 wickets

Who are Ten wickets in one test innings?

Anil Kumbla from India took all 10 wickets from the batting team in a match against Pakistan held in India. He is the only person to have dismissed all 10 batsmen from the batting team in one innings.

Who took most wickets in ICC world cup for India?

Zaheer Khan took the most number of wickets for India, 21. He tied with Shahid Afridi. Yuvraj Singh took 15 wickets.

Who are the 300 test wicket takers of India?

619 wickets by Anil Kumble 434 wickets by Kapil Dev 330 wickets by Harbhajan Singh

Who took 5 wickets in the very first inning of the 2000th Test Match?

Praveen Kumar of India took 5 wickets in the very first inning against England in the historical 2000th Test Match.

What are the release dates for Hattrick - 2007?

Hattrick - 2007 was released on: India: 16 March 2007 UK: 16 March 2007 USA: 16 March 2007

What is the highest number of wickets that fall in single day for any test?

22 wickets in India-Newzealand test.

Who scored an amazing century for the team but lost against India in the quarter finals in cricket world cup 2011?

Ricky Ponting,he scored 104 runs against India but still his team Australia lost by 5 wickets

Who took most wickets in ICC 2011 world cup?

S.afridi 21 wickets average 12.9 (Pakistan) Z.khan 21 wickets average 18.8 (India)

West indies vs India who won yesterday?

India won by 4 wickets

Who took most wickets in a test match for India?

anil kumble took most wickets. he bagged 619 wickets in tests. only bowler to take 10 wickets in 1 innings.

Who took most wickets in world cup 1983?

RMH Binny (India) took 18 wickets on an average 18.66

Who is the highest wicket taker in one ODI match?

Chaminda Vaas from Srilanka took 8 wickets against India in a ODI which is the record so far.

Which team India beat to record there first win one day internationals?

India beat to record there first win one day internationals against Sri Lanka beating by 7 wickets.

Who took 434 wickets in cricket which country?

Kapil Dev(India)

Who claimed the most number of wickets for India in ODIs?

Anil Kumble

Who has taken the most wickets in test matches?

Mutthaih Murali Dharan (SL) with exactly 800 wickets. Number two is Shane Warne with 708 wickets and number three is Anil Kumble of India who has taken over 600 wickets.

Who is the best bowler from India?

Anil Kumble is arguably the best bowler India has ever produced. He has a total of 619 test wickets and 337 wickets in ODIs making him India's highest ever wicket taker. He is also the only bowler to pick up all 10 wickets of the batting team in one innings.

Is sachin tendulkar all rounder player in odi?

Yes, he was one of the best all-rounders in ODI cricket. He took 152 wickets for India in ODIs. Also he was the first man to get 10,000 runs with 100 wickets. His best bowling figure is 5-32. He got two 5 wickets haul.

Which country scored the highest number of runs in a test match?

Sri Lanka had once scored 952 runs for 6 wickets against India in a test match