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The first goal ever scored by England in a FIFA World Cup was in 1950 by Stan Mortensen in the 39th minute against Chile.

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Q: Which player scored the first ever goal for England?
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Which player has scored the highest number of goals in a season?

Lionel Messi has scored 50 goals in Spain the first player to ever do it.

Who scored first ever test century?

First 'century' of the test cricket was scored by Charles Bannerman of Australia in the first ever test cricket match played between England and Australia in the year 1877.

Which Australian player scored the first ever goal for Australia in the world cup?

Tim Cahill scored the first goal by an Australian at a FIFA World Cup.

Which player scored the first Premier League goal?

Brian Deane (England) scored the first-ever English Premier League goal for Sheffield United against Manchester United on August 15th, 1992 in the fifth minute.He also scored the first penalty, 50th minute to close out a 2-1 victory on the opening day.

Has bobby charlton ever scored a hat trick for England?

Yes Sir Bobby Charlton has scored a hat tick for England.

Has a hockey player ever scored a goal in every game for the season?

No, no NHL player has ever scored a goal in every game of the season.

Has messi ever scored a goal in England?

So far Messi has failed to score a goal in england. He has not scored in the arsenal game as well.

Who scored the first ever fa cup goal in England?

charles alcock for the wanderers in 1872. he also invented the competition.

Who scored the first ever Premiership hat-trick?

Brian Deane scored the first ever Premiership goal, for Sheffield United

Which player scored the first ever goal in the primerlige?

Brian Deane for Sheffield United v Manchester United.

How old was Bobby Orr when he scored his first goal ever?

bobby or was 10 when he scored his firs goal ever!!

What is the highest score England cricketers have ever scored?

904-7 Declared

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