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Tim Cahill scored the first goal by an Australian at a FIFA World Cup.

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Q: Which Australian player scored the first ever goal for Australia in the world cup?
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What scores were scored in the first international cricket match?

The first recorded international cricket match was played in 1876/77 in Melbourne. It was a match between England and Australia. Australia scored 245 in the first innings England scored 196 in the first innings Australia scored 104 in the second innings England scored 108 in the second innings Thus Australia won the match by 45 runs.

Who was the first rock and roll player in Australia?

AC/DC,Little River band and Australian Pink Floyd.

What was the First cricket match in lords cricket ground?

The innaugral test match was played in Australia. Australia beat England by 45 runs. Charles Bannerman (Australia) faced the first ball, scored the first run, the first fifty and first hundred. His score of 165 is the highest score by an Australian on debut. Kowalski

The outbackers were the first people who lived in Australia?

No. The Australian Aborigines were the first people who lived in Australia.

What player scored the first nhl goal?

Dave Ritchie scored the first NHL goal.

Who was the first female newsreader on tv in Australia?

first australian newsreader

Who scored Australia's first world cup goal?

Tim Cahill

Who scored first ever test century?

First 'century' of the test cricket was scored by Charles Bannerman of Australia in the first ever test cricket match played between England and Australia in the year 1877.

Which cricketer scored century in the first session of the first Test Match?

Charles Bennerman of Australia scored the first century in the first inning of the first Test Match in 1877.

Were the first British settlers assisted by the Australian government to come to Australia?

No. At that time, there was no Australian government.

Who scored the first 'double century' in Test Cricket?

The first double-century in a Test match was scored by Australian Billy Murdoch against England at Oval in 1884.

Who scored the first run of the the first Cricket Test Match?

Charles Bennerman, the opener batsman of Australia scored the first run of the First Cricket Test Match held between England and Australia in the year 1877 at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Who scored the first century of the Test Cricket?

Charles Bannerman scored the first century for Australia against England on the first day of the first Test match on 15 March, 1877.

Who was the first Australian ISP?

Telstra (aka Telecom Australia, AOTC)

Which Australian state was first introduced to Indian mynas?

Melbourne australia

Which player has scored the highest number of goals in a season?

Lionel Messi has scored 50 goals in Spain the first player to ever do it.

Who scored the first heartrick in the history of soccer?

Bert Patenaude is the player who scored the first hat trick in the history of soccer. He was a United States player and scored against Paraguay in the 1930 FIFA World Cup.

Who scored the first run of the first Cricket Test Match?

Charles Bannerman of the Australia scored the 'first run' of the first 'Cricket Test Match' against the England's bowler Alfred Shaw.

What year did the first TV come out in Australia?

The TV first came out in Australia in the same year as the first Australian TV broadcast was made - 1956.

What are some daily newspapers in Australia?

There are two daily newspapers in Australia. The first one is The Australian. The second one is The Australian Financial Review. Both papers have very high readership in Australia.

Who is the first centurey in circket?

The first century in Test cricket was scored by Charles Bannerman who scored 165 and The first one day international (ODI) century was scored by Denis Amiss who amassed 103 runs against Australia

Which player scored the first goal in euro 2008?


Who scored the first goal in world cup 1990 in Cameroon?

It was scored by the Cameroon player ,it was verses Argentina.

Who was first Australian batsmen to score a century against England?

Charles Bannerman was the first Australian batsman to score a century against England. It is also the first century scored in the history of test cricket.

What was the first sport played in Australia?

The first known sport played in Australia was cricket. Australia was settled by the British, and cricket is strong in England. The first known cricket match was played at Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia on 8 January 1804. The first uniquely Australian sport created in Australia was AFL: Australian Football League - ('Football' does not mean soccer).