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It was scored by the German Tomas Muller in three minutes, Steven Gerrard scored his goal in four minutes.

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Q: Which player scored the fastest goal of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?
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What is the fastest goal from kickoff in 2010 world cup match?

The fastest goal in the 2010 world cup was scored by Thomas Mueller, in three minutes.

What soccer player scored the fastest goal in world cup 2010?

It was the German Tomas mueller in three minutes, followed by steven Gerrard 4 minutes and A.Gyan in 5 minutes.

Who scored the fastest goal in FIFA World Cup 2010?

Thomas Müller. Germany vs. Argentina. 3 minutes.

Who scored goal on minimum time in 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Thomas Muellar scored the fastest goal 3 minutes, steven Gerrard scored in 4 minutes and Kevin Boateng in 5 minutes.

Which 2010 world cup player has scored the most goals in three consecutive world cups?

It is the German Miraslav Klose.

Who scored the fastest premier league goal 2010-2011season?

Chicharito against Chelsea

What person scored the latest goal in fifa world cup 2010?

it was spanish player puyol who scored the only goal of the final against Netherlands

Which player has scored the highest number of goals in 2010 world cup?

david vill. who plays for spain.

Who scored first for Brazil in the 2010 world cup?

The first goal for Brazil in the 2010 world cup was scored by Maicon.

Who scored the last goal in 2010 world cup?

The final goal of the 2010 world cup was scored by Andrea Ineista.

How many goals scored by Italy in 2010 football world cup?

They scored 4 goals in the 2010 World Cup Finals.

How was the first player to score thor Spain in the world cup 2010?

David Villa scored the first goal for spain.