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Q: Which player hit the most home runs in 2003 for the Yankees?
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Which non-New York Yankees player had the most hits at the old Yankee Stadium?

I'm pretty sure the most home runs against the Yankees was Manny Ramirez, but the most hits might be Ted Williams.

Who hit the most home runs in 2003?

arod the best player ever 57

Who makes the most money in the MLB?

Team = Yankees Player = Arod

What player has had the most World Series home runs?

Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees hit 18 World Series home runs during his career.

What baseball player holds the record for the most career home runs in the World Series?

Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees with 18.

Who hit the most home runs on the 2011 New York Yankees team?

In 2011, Yankees center fielder Curtis Grandersonhit the most home runs, with 41.

Which team has the most home runs in the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox series?


How mvp awards has a-rod won?

Three. He was named the American League's Most Valuable Player in 2003 (as a member of the Texas Rangers) and in 2005 and 2007 (with the New York Yankees).

What MLB team has the most speed player wise?


Who is the most popular player in Yankees history?

Babe Ruth

Which player has hit the most home runs against the Detroit Tigers?

Bernie Williams has the most postseason home runs for the Yankees with 22.

Who stole home plate the most for Yankees?

Lou gerhing