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Fabio Cannavaro has won more trophies than any other player. He won nearly everything which he is allegible for. For e.g he is a world cup winner, the European cup winner, World cup player of the tournament, European cup tournament player of the tournament, World cup best 11, European cup best 11, Champions league winner, Champions league player of the tournament, Champions league runner-up, World cup runner-up, world player of the year, European player of the year, world defender of the year, European defender of the year, Serie A and e.t.c. These are just a few trophies he won but there are alot more. He even has trophies that are not even related to football (soccer).

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Q: Which player has won the most trophies?
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What is the most number of Heisman trophies won by one player?

Archie Griffin of Ohio State University with 2 trophies

What player has won the most trophies?

Currently in the premier league Ryan giggs

Which football player has won most trophies?

Aidan Shea and John Bickle

How many trophies has ancelotti won as a manager?

He has won a lot as a player in Italy and as a coach with a.c.Milan.

What footballer has won every trophy?

Liverpool have won the most English Domestic Trophies with 43 major titles.

What professional football player has won the most trophies?

R.Miah - Manchester United - 27 Trophies K.Ali - Chelsea FC - 18 Trophies W.Rooney - Manchester United - 9 Trophies M.Akhtar - Arsenal - 0 and counting..

List who has most trophies Manchester united and Barcelona?

Of course barcelona they have won over 70 trophies won

Who has won the most on dwts?

Derek Hough has won the most with 4 trophies.

Which artist won the most trophies at the 2012 Grammy Awards?

Adele wins six awards tying with Beyoncé for most trophies won in one night

Who has won the most Lady Byng awards?

Frank Boucher has won 7 Lady Byng Memorial Trophies. He won the seven trophies in 8 years.

How many trophies have Liverpool won altogether?

Liverpool have won 58 competitive trophies.They are the second most successful English club behind Manchester United who have won 59 competitive trophies.

Which club is second in most league trophies won?

Arsenal Football Club has the second most number of league trophies.