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Q: Which player has won la league and premier league?
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What current Premier League player has won La Liga and the Premiership and has 2 Champions League medals?

Claude Makelele But he ain't in Prem any more

Which players have won the premier league la liga and serie A titles?

Lauren blanc (sic) This is incorrect. Laurent Blanc did not win La Liga. At Barcelona, he won the Supercopa (Spanish equivalent of Charity Shield) and the Cup Winners Cup (he did not play in the final). Nor did he win the Serie A either with Napoli or Inter. Blanc did win the Premier League (Manchester United). The only player to win the Premier League and the Serie A is Patrick Vieira.

What players have won the premier league champions league and la liga?

They are three that come to my mind, Theirry Henry, david beckham and Claude Makalelee.

Players to have won champions league premier league FA cup la liga?

Thierry Henry, David Beckham and Claude Makelele come to mind.

Is Barcelona in the Barclays Premier League?

No. Barcelona is in Spain and they play in La Liga. The Premier League is in England and Wales.

What medals and cups has thierry Henry won?

world cup, euro 2012, champions league, la liga, premier league, fa cup, community shield

Is Real Madrid in the Barclays Premier League?

No, Real Madrid is in Spain and plays in La Liga. The Barclays Premier League is in England.

What is Barcelona's premier league?

Barcelona compete in La Liga.

Is Barcelona in the premier league?

No they're a Spanish team in the La Liga.

Who plays the premier league in Spain?

In Spain it is called the La liga.

What is the highest flight in soccer?

There is really no way of saying which is the best league in the world. You can look at who won the major trophies such as the Champions League and World Club Cup. Some of the best leagues would be La Liga, Serie A, The Premier League etc.

Who has scored goals in la liga serie a and the English premier league?

David Beckham

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