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No player has taken 10 wickets in ODI's.The best figure in an ODI match is 8-19 by Chaminda Vaas.

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Q: Which player has taken ten wicket in ODI?
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Who bagged the first ten wicket haul intest cricket?

Anil Kumble

Who bagged the first ten wicket haul in test cricket?

Anil Kumble

Who are ten wicket tacker in test cricket match?

Anil Kumble at Delhi vs Pakistan in 1999

In what year did kumble get a ten wicket haul?

Kumble got a ten wicket haul in the year 1999 against Pakistan at the Feroz shah kotla Delhi....!!!! Check out this link for the full score card of the test match..!!!

Which cricketer from India was awarded Man of the Match in the ODI Cricket World Cup 1975?

The only Indian cricketer to win a Man of the Match award in the 1975 World Cup was Farokh Engineer, whose innings of 54 not out helped India to a ten-wicket victory against East Africa. The match was India's second of three in the tournament.

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In cricket what are the ten reasons a batsman could be out?

1. bowled when the bowler bowls it and it hits the stumps 2. stumped 3. run out 4. caught 5. hit your own stumps 6. LBW - leg before wicket - 7. fall on your own wicket 8. - 9. - 10. -

Does Afghanistan have one of the most top cricket teams in the world?

NO Afghanisthan is not at the top ten most but after seeing this condition we cannot say.The team had not played ODI's.

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What ways can you get dismissed in a game of cricket?

There are ten ways by which you can get out in Cricket: 1-Caught 2-Bowled 3-Run Out 4-Leg Before Wicket 5-Obstructing the field 6-Hitting the ball twice 7-Hit Wicket 8-Stumped 9-Timed Out 10-Handled the ball

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