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Q: Which player has played in the Merseyside Derby Manchester Derby Glasgow Derby and the Madrid Derby?
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Who played in Manchester darby merseyside darby and Glasgow darby?

there could be a few but, a player who has scored in all three mancherster, merseyside and Glasgow derbys is andrei kanchelskis.

Who played in Manchester merseyside and Glasgow derbys?

Andrei Kanchelskis, for Man Utd, Everton and Rangers.

Played in Manchester derby and merseyside derby and real Madrid versus Barcelona?

Steve McManmin

Who has played in a Merseyside Glasgow North London and Manchester derby?

Craig bellamy

Which player has played in Manchester derby merseyside derby Milan derby and a Glasgow derby?

Andei Kanchelskis - Manchester United, Everton, AC Milan and Rangers

What player played in all three derby matches at Manchester Glasgow and merseyside?


Which English player has played in all four of the following games Manchester Derby Merseyside Derby Glasgow Derby and London derby?


Who played in the Manchester derby Merseyside derby Glasgow derby and Milan derby?

Paul Ince (Man Utd, Liverpool, Inter Milan)

Who has played in the merseyside derby Manchester derby north London derby tyneside derby and the Glasgow derby?

I think nobody

Which player has played in all four of the following games Manchester Derby Merseyside Derby Glasgow Derby Tyneside Derby?

Craig Bellamy

Who played in Madrid London and Merseyside derby?

Nicholas anelka

Did Andre kanchelskis play for arsenal?

no he most notably played for Manchester united, everton, rangers, fiorentina, and a couple of games for Manchester city and Southampton. hes the only player ever to score in the Manchester, merseyside and Glasgow derbies.

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