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Paul Stewart (Man City; Liverpool; Sunderland; Tottenham).

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I expect its Nicholas Anelka

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Q: Which player as played in a Manchester and a merseyside and a north east and a London derby?
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Who is the only player to play in Manchester merseyside and north London derbies?


Which player has played in all four of the following matches Manchester derby merseyside derby London derby tyneside derby?

Paul Stewart

Which player has played in Manchester derby London derby merseyside dercy and won champions league European championships premiership fa cup?

Nicolas Anelka

What player has played in the north London merseyside manchecter derbies?

Nicolas Anelka.

Which player appeared in a Merseyside Manchester and London derby and won a premier league fa cup champions league and uefa cup?

Nicolas Anelka

Who is the only player to play in a London Sheffield Glasgow Merseyside and Manchester derby?

Andrei Kanchelskis, for Everton, Rangers and Man Utd.

Name the player to have played in London derby merseyside derby teeside derby and Milan derby?


Which player has played in all four of the following games Manchester Derby Merseyside Derby Glasgow Derby Tyneside Derby?

Craig Bellamy

Who has played in a Merseyside Glasgow North London and Manchester derby?

there could be a few but, a player who has scored in all three mancherster, merseyside and Glasgow derbys is andrei kanchelskis.

What football player has played in the tyneside and old firm derby?

The answer is Paul Gascoigne, he has also played in derbies in north london, merseyside and rome

Which player has played in all the following derbies Milan north London merseyside Munich and Tyne tees?

ur dad

Name the player who played in Glasgow Manchester London and Milan drebies?

No one has. not as far as i can tell anyway. Paul ince played in London Manchester Liverpool and milan derbies but not Glasgow. Craig bellamy played in Manchester, Liverpool London and Glasgow derbies. Andrei Kanchelskis played in Glasgow, Liverpool, and Manchester. Robbie Keane has played in London,Liverpool,milan,and Glasgow but not in Manchester. Patrick Viera has played in London, Milan, and Manchester derbies. As far as i can tell no one has yet.