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Q: Which player has played for the colts patriots and chargers?
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What teams were in the AFC playoffs in 2006?

The teams were: * Chargers * Ravens * Colts * Patriots * Jets * Chiefs

Which NFL teams did the Patriots lose to?

In the 2008 season the patriots lost to the dolphins,chargers,colts,jets,steelers and patriots went 11-5 in that season

How many games have the patriots played against the colts?

Entering 2010 the Patriots and Colts have played each other 73 times; the Patriots lead the series 44-29.

Who beat the Indianapolis Colts during 2007?

The New England Patriots, the San Diego Chargers, and the Tennessee Titans in the regular season, while the Chargers defeated them in the playoffs.

What are the top 5 teams in the NFL?

1. Chargers 2. Colts 3. Saints 4. Vikings 5. Patriots

Adam Vinatieri played for which NFL teams?

Patriots then colts

What team is better colts or chargers?

This is a matter of opinion. Some people will say the Colts, som ethe Chargers. You decide.

Patriots or colts?

Colts are still better

Why do Colts fans hate Patriots fans?

because the colts wish they were as good as the patriots!

What is the Spread between colts and chargers?

chargers are plus 1 and a half

Who won the 2010 NFL championship between the colts and chargers?


How many Super bowls has Adam Vinatieri played in?

4 with the Patriots, 1 with the Colts.