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Gary Speed i think...

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Q: Which player has most league appearances in English football?
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What player holds the record for most English premier league appearances?

the premier league started in 1991. However before that it was called the English championship. the player who has the most English premier league appearances is Welsh and Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs.

Which English footballer played in all the football leaques?

In terms of league appearances, Peter Shilton has made the most with 1005 games. The only player who played with the most number of English football clubs is John Burridge.

Which soccer player has the most appearances in the English Premier League?

Ryan Giggs with over 900 appearances for Manchester United.

Which player has scored the most goals in English league football?

The player with the most career goals in English league football is Arthur Rowley. He played 619 matches from 1946 to 1965.

Which football player has made the most appearances for a single English club?

Ryan Giggs for Manchester United

Who was the first player to be sent off in the English football league?

George Best

Which Liverpool player has most League Cup appearances?

Ian Rush, with 78 appearances.

How many managers in the English football league have won the champions league as a player?

It is the Chelsea coach Carlo Ancheloti.

Who is the highest paid football player in English premier league?

Sergio Aguero (man city)

The most capped England rugby league player?

Joe Egan is an English former rugby league footballer and coach. He has made the most appearances of any player for the England national team with 21.

Who is the most capped international football player who has played football in the English premier league?

For England it is Peter Shilton with 126 caps.

Which football player has made the most appearances ever?

Thierry Henry

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