Which player from real Madrid wears?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Please ask the question clearly?.

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Q: Which player from real Madrid wears?
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Who wears number 17 for real Madrid?

alvaro arbeloa wears the no.17 shirt for Real Madrid

Who wears number 8 for real Madrid?

The number 10 jersey worn in Real Madrid today is Ronaldo.

What is the jersey number of football player ronaldo?

Ronaldo wears jersey number 9 at Real Madrid.

What is ozil's number in Real Madrid?

Currently Mesut Özil is a German footballer on Real Madrid C.F., and he wears number 10. He wears number 8 for his national team, and in the past for Real Madrid, he has worn numbers 23 and 19.

Who wears number 9 in football?

Christiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid

Who is number 1 in real Madrid?

the player who wears number 1 in Real Madrid is Iker Casillas whos is the main Keeper and Captain for Both Real Madrid and the Spanish National Football Team

Raul gonsalis franciscon c rono?

Raul is the Real Madrid and Spains striker , he wears jersey number 9 at Real madrid.

What famous soccer player wears number 07 on a spanish team?

Cristiano Ronaldo used to be #9 but changed to #7 with Real Madrid.

Who is the highest paid player at Real Madrid?

The highest paid player at Real Madrid is Christiano Ronaldo.

Who wears number five for Real Madrid Club de Futbol?

Currently, Fernando Gago has number 5 for Real Madrid. Hope this Helps

Who wears number 7 in real madrid?

Christiano Ronaldo used to be Raul's

Who score against real Madrid like ex real Madrid player?