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chandrapaul of west indies

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Q: Which player captain his side in his debut match scored a century and won it for his team by hitting a six on the final ball of that particular match?
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Which MLB player has the nickname Captain Clutch?

Derek Jeter, captain of the New York Yankees since 2003, who is also known for his clutch-hitting abilities.

Which team player is responsible for a toss in a netball game?

No particular team player is responsible for the toss, but the captain of the netball team

What are the five tools of a baseball player?

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Why isn't Sachin Tendulkar captain of India?

Because he is a very good player and good player's never be the captain.

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NFL player Captain Munnerlyn weighs 195 pounds.

Who is the new Arsenal captain this year is he a good captain and was Thierry Henry a good player and was he ever became a captain in Arsenal?

Yes Thierry Henry was an excellent player. Us Gunners love him! Fabregas is the new Captain and he is an amazing player. Us Gunners love him too!

Who is termed as the soccer player of the century?

Pele was termed as the player of the century

Who is the captain of the St Louis Cardinals?

No Cardinals player is officially the captain

Who is shaid afridi?

Shahid Afridi is a Pakistan cricket all rounder. Currently he is the captain of Pakistan T20 cricket team. Though he is young, he is a very experienced player. He is a hard-hitting batsman (also called as Boom Boom Afridi) and a crafty leg spinner

How is captain named in football?

if the football player is good it means he has a chance to be captain.

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What is the meaning of the words hitting?

Well it could mean many things. In baseball hitting is called connecting the ball with your bat. In football it means to tackle a player. Hitting could also mean a punch.

Who was the first Indian player to captain an English county team?

Nassier Hussein is the first Indian player to captain an English country team.

Who is the only player in a NHL team that can't become a captain?

Anyone can become a captain/

How do you select a captain on match of the day fantasy football?

there are boxes next to the players name that you can tick and can you change the player who is the chosen captain to a different player

Does a player keep his hitting streak alive if he sits out a game?

if a guy walks 3 times in a game as his only at his hitting streak alive??

What are your chances of hitting a bullseye in darts?

In the game of darts, a player has approximately a 36 percent chance of hitting the bull's eye. However, skill level influences this probability.

Was darry a football player in The Outsiders?

He was a football player. In fact, he was the captain!

What is the role of a captain in sports?

A captain keeps the team organized and upbeat. Usually a captain is one of the best players if not the best player. A captain also keeps the team in check.

Should an injured player be a captain?


Who a baseball player who famous for hitting home runs?

Babe Ruth

Who was the first player to captain two different NHL championship teams?

The Captain...Mark Messier

If a player is on a 13-game hitting streak and walks during the 14th game does his streak continue?

a walk is not a hit so therefore his 'hitting' streak does not continue

Where did baseball player Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak come to an end?

The key to this particular question is the word "where". In 1941, New York Yankee Joe Dimagio had a record breaking hitting streak of 56 straight games. It was in the ballpark of the Cleveland Indians where his hitting streak came to an end. Baseball fans need to know the following: Today the Indians play in Progressive Field in Cleveland. The stadium has a seating capacity of about 45,000.On the day in 1941 when "Jolt'n Joe's hitting streak came to an end, a Cleveland crowd of 67,000 fans saw the game. What has happened to baseball in Cleveland?