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Q: Which place in South Africa hosts the maximum number of T20 matches for IPL 2009?
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How many football matches have south Africa won?

South Africa have won probably 50 or less football matches.

Who has maximum number of man of the match awards in test cricket?

JH Kallis of South Africa has maximum number of man of the match awards in test cricket. 23 times in 162 matches. Check this link

Why did Africa team name as RSA in matches?

It is South Africa and RSA stands for Republic of South Africa

Is one of the world cup matches at wembley?

No, it is held in South Africa.

Does South Africa need to play qualification matches for world cup 2010?

No. South Africa organises the event, and is automatically qualified.

How many test matches have been played between India and South Africa?

24 test matches (As Of November 2010)

How many test matches india played against south africa?


How many matches India lost in wc 2011?

1 against south Africa

What is the background noise in world cup from South Africa?

Sound of the Vuvuzelas. Vuvuzela is a blowing horn commonly blown by fans at the football matches in South Africa.