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Leon Trotsky organized the Red Army.

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Q: Which person who organized the Red Army of Russia second to Lenin?
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Was Lenin in the New Economic Policy?

Lenin is the person who formulated and imposed the New Economic Policy on Russia.

What are some information about Vladimir Lenin's army?

Lenin organized a popular uprising known as the Bolshevik Revolution, against the Kerensky regime of Russia in 1917, as a protest against Russia's participation in WW I. His army consisted of Russians who were not happy with the existing government of Russia.

Who was Lenin from Russia?

Vladmir Ilyich Lenin was the first Communist leader in Russia.

Who brought communism into Russia?

Lenin brought state capitalism to Russia, not Communism.

When did Lenin become the leader of Russia?

Lenin became leader of Russia on November 8th, 1917

What was Vladimir Lenin?

Vladimir Lenin was the leader of Russia from 1917 to 1922. He was a communist, and he turned Russia into the Soviet Union. Lenin was predecessor to Stalin.

How did Lenin become Russia's leader?

Lenin became Russia's leader because Nicholas II was kicked off the throne by Lenin's followers.

Was Russia a democracy before Lenin?

Russia did not have a democracy before Lenin. Russia was an empire run by an emperor called a Tsar or Czar,

Who is the person rose to power in Russia in 1917?

Do you mean the Bolsheviks?...Then I guess the answer is V.I. Lenin

Why was Vladimir Lenin the first leader of Russia?

Lenin was not the first leader of Russia. He was the first leader of the Soviet Union when it was organized under the Treaty of the Soviet Union in late 1923 early 1924. Lenin was physically incapacitated by his strokes by then so he was not a true leader of government; however he is counted as the first leader of the new Soviet Union.

Did Lenin help or hurt Russia?

Lenin and Communism was a complete diaster for Russia that it is only now recovering from.

Why did Vladimir Lenin cancel all of Russia's debts?

When Lenin took control of the Russian government he canceled all of Russia's debts with two purposes in mind. One was to basically save the cost of repaying foreign loans. The second purpose was to declare, according to Lenin, Russia's independence from imperialist oppression. Additionally, it was a statement that Russia would control its own economic future.

Where did Vladimir Lenin rule?

Vladimir Lenin lived in Russia.

Who helped Lenin to return to Russia in 1917?

The German government smuggled Lenin back into Russia from Switzerland in 1917.

What happened after lenin was returned to russia?

After Lenin was returned to Russia he played a role in orchestrating the October Revolution. He returned to Russia in 1917 after the Tsar was ousted.

Russian revolutionist who organized and led the Red Army second only to Lenin in popularity with the revolutionaries?

it was trotsky

When did Stalin take over Russia from Lenin?

1924 when Lenin died.

When Lenin returned to Russia what group was he in charge of?

Lenin was the leader of the Bolsheviks.

Where did Lenin live?


Was Lenin of Russia evil?


Who was the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution brought to communism by Russia?

Lenin led the Bolshevik Revolution, with Stalin his second in command.

What did Lenin do in Russia?

He took Russia out of WWi and transformed Russia into a communist country.

Why was it smart for Germany to sneak Lenin back into Russia?

It was smart for Germany to sneak Lenin back into Russia because they were currently at war with Russia. Germany wanted Lenin to take Russia out from the inside, creating a rebellion that would collapse the government and lead to German victory.

Who was the leader of Russia that ended Russia's involvement in ww1?


When did Vladimir Lenin rule Russia?

Vladimir Lenin was in control of Russia from the beginning of the revolution in 1917 until his sudden death in 1924.