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Q: Which one sports come from England?
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Related questions

Which sports come from England?

Cricket, tennis and soccer.

What are some popular sports in England?

lacross is one

What are England two popular sports?

Football, Cricket, and Rugby are one of the most popular sports.

Where is the Sports Museum Of New England in Boston Massachusetts located?

The address of the Sports Museum Of New England is: One Hundred Legends Way No 200, Boston, MA 2114

Why do Italians come to England?

Italians come to England to be tourists. They come to England to learn the English language. They come to England to study at one of the many schools. They come to England to take vacations. They come to England to understandEnglish culture and ways of doing things. They come to England to visit friends and places. They come to England to work.

When was New England Sports Network created?

New England Sports Network was created in 1984.

What is one of England favourite sports?

Football (Soccer) is by far the most loved sport

What country does one drection come from?


How could one in England watch hockey on CBC Sports?

If one has an Apple device, there is an app to watch CBC Sports on the App Store. Besides that, one could watch YouTube (albeit being late to the punch). One could also watch CBC Sports on their website.

What sports are in England?

Many sports exist in England. Large sports are football(the American soccer) and rugby. Cricket is also another famous English sport.

What are England's most popular sports?

England's most popular sports and pastimes are football-soccer, cricket, and tennis.

What are sports that are played in England?

Cricket is a sport in England.

Who is a successful sports leader?

one current succesfull sports leader could be Bill Bellicheck of the New England Patriots he has led his team to three super bowls and had one undefeated season.

Where does Liam from one direction come from?

Wolverhampton, England.

Where one direction come from?

they are from England but Niall is from Ireland

Who was the first one to come up with soccer?


What is England's national sports?

Cricket is England's national sport

What sports do they play in England?

Sports are very important in England. Among the many sports played there are soccer, rugby, cricket, swimming, lacrosse, and ethnic games played in Ireland and Scotland.

What country did Louis tomilson of one direction come from?


Is there a Petz Sports for DS?

No, but you never know, one might come out soon!

What are England's favorite sports?

England's favorite sports are,, lawn tennis, Answers.comand

What are the release dates for College Sports in England - 1904?

College Sports in England - 1904 was released on: USA: July 1904

Who funds sports in England?

Sport England - a government funded body.

What are the sports and entertainment in England?

well one is socer which they call football Pretty much the same as everywhere else.

What is the phone number of the Sports Museum Of New England in Boston Massachusetts?

The phone number of the Sports Museum Of New England is: 617-787-7678.