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There like exactly the same

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Q: Which one is correct Find attached the shift roster or Find the attached shift roster?
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Is this grammectily correct Kindly find attached a copy of your bachelor certificate?

Grammatically correct, but not right. We say "Please find a copy of your diploma attached."

Is it correct to say kindly find an attached copy of a proposal?

yes it is correct

Attached is or are?

{| |- | Depends on what is being attached. If it is a single item, the correct term would be 'Attached is.' If it is multiple items, the correct usage would be 'Attached are.' |}

Is this grammer correct - please find attached purchase order?

Purchase order are attached

Is this grammar correct please find the attached insurance card of my husband?

It should be "Please find attached my husband's insurance card".

Is this correct grammar kindly find here the attached confirmed repairing offer?

Please find attached my repairing offer confirmation.

Is it correct to say find in the attached the list of items?

Maybe better to say: please find in the attached document the list of items

Is this grammatically correct.Kindly find attached credit note of yours?

No. This is not correct English. It is better to say:Please find attached your letter of credit.

Is this grammar correct Kindly find the attached annual leave updated?

No this is not correct use of kindly

Is it correct to write - please find the attached?

When you say "please find the attached file" no need to mention "below" because the recipient will not find the attached document below or within the body of the email.

Is it correct to write - Please find attached file?

attached please find the file ICT departmental meeting slide for your reference

Is it grammatically correct to sayplease find the attached report for your review and comment?

The word find is not correct here, it sounds as though you need to search for the report.I think this is better - Attached is the report for your review and comment.or The report is attached for your review and comment.