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2008-10-27 21:50:50
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Q: Which one Skateboarding or basketball pays more?
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What is more popular skateboarding or baseball?

Baseball. It's Americas sport although skateboarding is one of the most popular extreme sports

Which one has more inertia a bowling ball or a basketball?


What one is better baseball or basketball?

Basketball it has more action

Will you be a pro skateboarder?

i dont know its possible. the odds of someone going pro in skateboarding are greater the some one becoming a professional football and basketball player

Where can one find more information about Davidson basketball?

One can find more information about Davidson basketball by going to the Davidson website. The website has information about all of its sports, including basketball.

What is the evolution of skateboarding?

It's the revolution of skateboarding and it's when skateboarding will be the number one sport in the world and will stop be criticized upon and put down by the man -enjoi

Is skateboarding one word?

Yes skateboard skateboarder skateboarding skater skating

What are the reasons that one pays an excise tax?

There are a few different reasons that one pays an excise tax. One of the reasons is that the government needs more money for their various projects.

Is skateboarding one of the dangers sport?

It all depends on how far you go I'd say football is more dangerous

What is more fun to play basketball or beseball?

My opinion is basketball because one you get to play more. Two there is allot more action. Three it is just more fun.

Who can participate in skateboarding?

any one gilrls and boys

What sport is more expensive soccer or basketball and which one has more budgetl?

Basketball is more expensive and soccer has more budget, the NBA is in a lockout right now due to budget impacts

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