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Q: Which olympic field events are men only?
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When was the Men's Field Hockey introduced in the Olympic?

The Men's Field Hockey was introduced in the Olympic first time in the Summer Olympic of 1908 held in London.

Are there hurdles in the Olympic Games?

No, hurdles are a track event. The event takes place on the track. Field events are those that are competed in the 'field' located within the track. Field events are long jump, high jump, javelin, discus, hammer throw, shot put, pole vault, and triple jump.

What winter Olympic events are only open to men?

Ski Jumping, Four man Bobsleigh, Doubles Luge

Do women and men compete in sailing?

Yes, there are events for men and women in Olympic sailing.

What sport was among the first olympic events in 77B.C?

The Greeks had only one sport and it was a foot race. It was men only and they didn't wear clothes.

What is the Olympic event in which men and women compete against each other?

Men and women do compete against one another in Olympic equestrian and sailing events.

In which Olympic sport are all events open to men and women?


In which olympic sport are all events open to men women?


Can men and women compete together in the olympic diving competitions?

No, men and women compete in separate events.

What surname was shared by the winners of Australia's only two gold medals in Olympic field events in athletics?

Winter. Anthony William Winter won gold in men's triple jump at the 1924 Games in Paris and John Winter won gold in men's high jump at the 1948 Games in London.

What is the most popular event in Olympic Track and Field?

Hurdles -------------------- Men's 100m

How many Olympic diving events?

there are four events for the girls and 6 for the men