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No, men and women compete in separate events.

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Q: Can men and women compete together in the olympic diving competitions?
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What Olympic sport does Tom Daley compete in?

Diving events.

What are the fountains for in an Olympic diving pool?

You usually see them in diving competitions. The water spouting into the pool gives the divers perspective on the distance to the surface of the pool.

What are the different diving boards that olympic divers dive off?

At the Olympics the only diving boards used are the 10 metre platform and the 3 metre springboard. At other competitions Olympians could also compete in the 1 metre board event but this is not an Olympic event. In club events, junior events and some national events, Olympic divers could also use the 5 metre platform and the 7.5 metre platform. In training there is sometimes a 3 metre platform available, which is not used in competitions.

Which competition's has Tom Daley entered?

Tom Daley enters National and International Diving competitions. This includes the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.

Olympic sport starting with the letter d?

diving diving

What is Tom Daley famous for?

Tom is famous for his Diving competitions.

How much does Tom Daley earn a year?

This is classified information. Tom receives sponsorship money and a car to help him practice and compete in events Worldwide. You do not get paid to perform in competitions such as Diving.

How high is the highest diving board used in Olympic diving?

how high is the highest diving board in olympic games i need this found out as soon as possible

Is diving a recognized olympic sport?

Yes, diving has been an Olympic sport since the 1904 Games in St. Louis.

What is Olympic diving?

it's a sport during the summer olympics, where athletes who've trained for this compete. they dive off of springboards (3 meter) and platform (3,5,9 meter).

How many diving boards and blocks are there on an olympic pool?

1 diving board and8 diving blocks!

When did Tom Daley begin diving?

Tom began diving at 7 years old and went on into competitions from aged 8.

Is diving a paralympic sport?

No, but it is an Olympic sport.

What olympic sport was invented by china?


What awards does Tom Daley have?

He once won the Diving World championships, he has had several near misses on top places in various competitions and he got his first Olympic medal , a bronze, at London 2012.

What is Tom Daley's occupation?

Tom is an Athlete. He competes in Platform Diving competitions.

Which sport does Tom Daley compete in?

Tom competes in Diving.

How are points awarded in diving Olympic diving competition?

they count how little the splash is... i think

How long has diving been a olympic sport for?

Diving debuted at the 1904 Games in St. Louis.

When was diving accepted as an Olympic sport?

Diving was introduced into the Olympics at the 1904 Games in St. Louis.

How do they judge Olympic diving?

They see how good there tectonic is

What is the highest Olympic diving platform?

10 meters

What is the most popular sport in the 2012 olympic's?


What is the average temperature of olympic diving pool?


What are the names of olympic diving moves?

front dive