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A Pitch

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Q: Which official term is used to describe a soccer field?
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What does pitch mean in soccer?

The term pitch, when associated with soccer, means the soccer field. Pitch is another term for the field where the game is played.

What phobia is the fear of soccer?

There does not appear to be a scientific term to specifically describe a fear of soccer.

In soccer What does it meant by a field goal?

A fieldgoal is a gridiron football term.

What is the term for individually moving the ball up or down the field in the game of soccer?


Can you give a sentence with the word Officious?

Officious is a term to describe an overly picky official.

When using a search engine what term is used to describe the parameters entered into the search engine field?

Generally the term "Keyword" is used to describe the parameters entered into the search engine field and after that search engine gives its response.

What is the scientific term for a day?

The term 'day' is used to describe the passage of 24 hours, or 86,400 seconds. Although 'day' is not an official SI unit, the scientific term to describe a day is 86,400 seconds.

What is rough rice?

The term 'rough rice' is used to describe rice as it comes from the field after harvesting.

Why do soccer players hate the term soccer?

Soccer/football players hate the term soccer as the correct and origanal name of the sport is football.However in America is called soccer as they have American football this is why the term soccer is disliked by the players

What is a field in science terms?

A field is the science term used to describe anything away from a textbook. where you are not learning about something and you are doing something in a scientific way.

Is there a soccer foul called runaway train?

There is no such foul mentioned in the laws. It does sound to be a term that could be used to describe an out-of-control player.

When was the term 'soccer' first used?

The term soccer was first introduce in 1880's

What does the soccer term finishing mean?

The soccer term "finishing" means to finish the ball or to score.

What does thinclads mean?

A term used to describe participants in a track and field event. The term most likely origniated from a description of the athletes' uniforms (thinly clad.)

What is encroachment in soccer?

"Encroachment" is a gridiron football term, not soccer.

Where does the surname Per-pall come from?

The term "per pall" is used in heraldry to describe a field that is divided into 3 parts.

What term did the Nazis use to describe the extermination of the Jews?

In English the 'final solution'. The program of extermination of the Jews had many official & unofficial names. The term 'holocaust' came into practice after the war.

What does this word mean Rebatement?

Rebatement is the ending of something. This term is often used in the legal field to describe when a court case has ended.

What is the term meaning the evaluation or appraisal of a condition?

The evaluation or appraisal of a condition is the definition of the word assessment. This term is used in the medical field to describe the evaluation of patients and medical records.

What is the term Official Cash Rate mean in Australia?

The term Official Cash Rate (OCR) is one that is used in Australia and New Zealand. It is used to describe the bank rate and interest rate a bank charges on overnight loans given to commercial banks.

How is football different from soccer?

In the English term, "football" means soccer. But The American term football is played with the hands And helmets on!

When did the term soccer officially change to football in Australia?

The term soccer officially changed to football on December 16, 2004

A sports term that starts with r?

A term is receive which is used in soccer.

What is the term for horses?

Equine is the official term for horses

Soccer term that has x?

Penalty box.